Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Neha Sharma

 Name- Neha Sharma
Dob - 13 july 1985 ... 2:30pm
Place -- delhi
Hieght - 5.6
Education -     BBA
Profession--- teaching
Father- late shri prem kumar sharma
Mother-- housewife
 Sister--- one  Married
               One younger   sister
Brother-- younger  self Bussiness real state
Resident---- own 200 gaj vishwas nagar

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

aman sachdeva

  32-A, Opp. Bata showroom, Near Head Post Office, Kunjpura Road, KARNALPh. : 0184-4033984, 9215588984,      8607627999
                                                     Aman  MATRIMONIAL PROFILE
  Sr No:                             869
  Category:                       Unmarried
  Caste:                             Arora
  Goutra:                             Kashyap
  Name:                            Aman
  Surname:                       Sachdeva
  TOB:                                11.30am
  DOB:                             23-Dec-84
  POB:                              Karnal
  Manglik:                           Yes
  Height:                           5'8";
  Education:                     B.Com,
  Occupation:                 Sarviece at gurgaon              REQUIREMENT
  Designation:                 Manegar                            Looking for:
  Name of Office:                                                     Age:85/86/87/88
  Off Address:                                                          HeightRequired:5.2/5.3
  Income:                           50000                             Profession:Job/Homely
  Eating Habits:                 no                                  Religion:Hindu
  Drinking Habits                                                    Caste Required:
  Smoking Habits                                                     City Required:
  Physical Disabilty or Other
  Father:                           Lalt Rajinder Singh shop
  Father's Occupation:      Business
  Father Income:
  Mother:                         Jaswant Kaur
  Mother's Occupation:     H/w
  Mother Income:
  Brother:                         1
  Broher's detail:              1-M
  Sister:                            1
  Sister's Details:              1-M
  City:                               Karnal
  Other Property Details:

Friday, August 5, 2016

Abhishek Chawla

      32-A, Opp. Bata showroom, Near Head Post Office, 
Kunjpura Road, KARNALPh. : 0184-4033984, 9215588984, 8607627999
                       Abhishek  MATRIMONIAL PROFILE
  Sr No:                             2010
  Category:                       Unmarried
  Name:                            Abhishek
  Surname:                       Chawla
  TOB:                               7:32 AM
  DOB:                              05-Dec-88
  POB:                               Jalndhaer
  Manglik:                         No
  Height:                           5.11'inch
  Education:                      B.Tech
  Occupation:                   business                                                             REQUIREMENT
  Designation:                                                           Looking for:          Bride
  Name of Office:              Foctry                                  Age:
  Off Address:                                                              Height Required:   5.5'or 5.5' inch
  Income:                          12 Lackh                              Profession:           Educated
  Eating Habits:                 Nonveg                               Religion:                Hindu
  Drinking Habits                                                         Caste Required:
  Smoking Habits                                                        City Required:
  Physical Disabilty or Other
  Father:                           Rajeev Chawla
  Father's Occupation:      Business
  Father Income:
  Mother:                         Aruna Chawla
  Mother's Occupation:
  Mother Income:
  Brother:                         Abhinav Chawla
  Broher's detail:              Unmarried
  Sister's Details:
  City:                               Karnal
  Other Property Details:

Monday, July 25, 2016

Jayant Narula

           ID:                                             SVK-1005
           Caste:                                        Arora
           Category:                                   Single
           Name:                                       JAYANT
           Surname:                                   NARULA
           Date of Birth:                             06-Jun-85
           Time of Birth:                             15:35:00
           Place of Birth:                            KAITHAL
           Manglik/non manglik:                Non
           Height:                                      5'9"
           Education:                                 B.Tech, M.Tech
           Occupation:                               Business Concrete Bricks &                                                       Designation:                              Owner                         Looking For:  Girl Should be
           Name of Office:                                                          Religion:       hindu
           Address:                                                                     Age:              26-29
           Income:                                     1lac pm                     Req Caste:
           Eating Habits:                            Vegetarian                 req Height:    5'2" to 5'4"
           Drinking Habits                                                          req City:        kaithal, karnal, 
            Smoking Habit                                                            Profession:
           Physical Disabilty or other Problem:                           Req States:    haryana only
           Father Name:                             Sh. Ved Parkash          

            Father's Occupation:                  Govt Contractor
           Father's Income:
           Mother Name:                           Bimla Devi
           Mother's Occupation:                House Wife
           Mother's Income:
           Brother:                                     No
           Brother Detail:                           No
           Sister:                                        One
           Sisters Detail:                            Unmarried

Friday, June 24, 2016

shikkhar makkar

       32-A, Opp. Bata showroom, Near Head Post Office, Kunjpura Road, KARNALPh. : 0184-4033984, 9215588984, 8607627999
                                                     Shikhar MATRIMONIAL PROFILE
  Sr No:                             2083
  Category:                       Unmarried
  Caste:                             Arora
  Name:                            Shikhar
  Surname:                       Makkar
  TOB:                               5:30 PM
  DOB:                              08-Jun-86
  POB:                               Patiala
  Manglik:                         No
  Height:                           5.9'
  Education:                      B.Tec/IT/MBA/LBA/CFA fromU.S.A
  Occupation:                    Job                                                                     REQUIREMENT
  Designation:                   finacal depart.                                           Looking for:          Bride
  Name of Office:                                                                               Age:
  Off Address:                   Gurgaon                                                    Height Required:   5.3'/5.4'
  Income:                          11 lakh                                                       Profession:           MBA/CA/B.Tec/B.Pharma
  Eating Habits:                 Veg                                                           Religion:
  Drinking Habits                                                                               Caste Required:
  Smoking Habits                                                                               City Required:
  Physical Disabilty or Other
  Father:                           Kamal parkash arora
  Father's Occupation:      Bank managar
  Father Income:               7lakh/anm
  Mother's Occupation:     Job in bank
  Mother Income:
  Broher's detail:
  Sister's Details:
  Other Property Details:

Monday, November 24, 2014

Ashish Tripathi

Name of Bride/Groom Ashish Tripathi
Date of Birth 29-10-1981
Time of Birth 20:45
Place of Birth KARNAL
Manglik/Non Manglik No
Height 5'11"
Weight + Body type – 70kg
Complexion Fair
Cast/gotra Shandiliya(Gaur Bangali Bharmin) 
Marital Status Never
Veg/ Non Veg Non Veg
Drinking or Smoking No
Educational & Professional Qualification B.com, MBA Symbosis
Service /Business Business Web designing
Designation/Job Profile Owner
Name & Address of the office New Tech
Income 50000/-
Father’s  Name Jai Krishan 
Father's Occupation Retd Haryana Tourism
Income no
Mother’s  Name Suniti Sharma
Mother's Occupation H/w
Full Postal Address Model Town karnal
Home Size 3bhk
Accomodation: Self Owned / Rented Rented
Vehicles Owned  
Family Members Details  One Elder brother one sister elder both married
Contact Nos.  
E-Mail Id  
Additional Information  
Expectations From Your Would Be Life Partner Bhramin sharma& Punjabi Arora