Monday, November 24, 2014

Sativinder Singh Dawar 84


Name of Bride/Groom Sativinder Singh Dawar
Date of Birth 3-May-84
Time of Birth 09.30 am
Place of Birth Karnal
Manglik/Non Manglik Non Manglik
Height 5'3"
Weight + Body type – Slim
Complexion FAIR
Cast/gotra Arora
Marital Status UNMARRIED
Drinking or Smoking NO
Educational & Professional Qualification 10th
Service /Business Business
Designation/Job Profile Govt contractor
Name & Address of the office Karnal
Income 30000 per month
Father’s  Name Kernail Singh
Father's Occupation Business spare parts
Mother’s  Name Jagjeet Singh
Mother's Occupation H/w 
Full Postal Address Dyal Singh Colony
Home Size 170 gz
Accomodation: Self Owned / Rented Self
Vehicles Owned Own 
Family Members Details  Two Brother Married own spare parts business
Expectations From Your Would Be Life Partner Girl slim 

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