Monday, July 25, 2016

Jayant Narula

           ID:                                             SVK-1005
           Caste:                                        Arora
           Category:                                   Single
           Name:                                       JAYANT
           Surname:                                   NARULA
           Date of Birth:                             06-Jun-85
           Time of Birth:                             15:35:00
           Place of Birth:                            KAITHAL
           Manglik/non manglik:                Non
           Height:                                      5'9"
           Education:                                 B.Tech, M.Tech
           Occupation:                               Business Concrete Bricks &                                                       Designation:                              Owner                         Looking For:  Girl Should be
           Name of Office:                                                          Religion:       hindu
           Address:                                                                     Age:              26-29
           Income:                                     1lac pm                     Req Caste:
           Eating Habits:                            Vegetarian                 req Height:    5'2" to 5'4"
           Drinking Habits                                                          req City:        kaithal, karnal, 
            Smoking Habit                                                            Profession:
           Physical Disabilty or other Problem:                           Req States:    haryana only
           Father Name:                             Sh. Ved Parkash          

            Father's Occupation:                  Govt Contractor
           Father's Income:
           Mother Name:                           Bimla Devi
           Mother's Occupation:                House Wife
           Mother's Income:
           Brother:                                     No
           Brother Detail:                           No
           Sister:                                        One
           Sisters Detail:                            Unmarried

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